Our Philosophy

Clements United Inc. is based on the principle that people realize their potential through a combination of their own efforts and the support, encouragement and coaching from others. A career is a test of an executive’s determination, resilience, patience and self-awareness.

Life is a team sport and even though some people believe they have done it on their own, most of us have had support, mentoring and advice along the way. We are touched by many and career success is the result of a confluence of events – effort, opportunities, accomplishments, reward, recognition, guidance, and in most instances, some good fortune as well. Along the way we all will face challenges and opportunities and can benefit from support and good counsel.

The coaches who are respected by their athletes are the ones who make time to get to know them as people, understand how to help them learn how to make the strongest contribution possible and how to motivate them to move forward. These coaches know how to make the difficult choices and how to provide feedback that helps a competitor to develop and make more of an impact.

Research shows that one-on-one coaching is most effective and so it is in career management as well. Executives do not want group seminars and webinars nor does access to templates which “guide” them add value. Executives want a high-touch approach that ensures a relationship can be established based on knowledge, experience and trust.

Modern coaches use an evidence-based approach and statistics and insights gained from research are informing their approaches so that their athletes can improve how they perform and enhance their competitiveness. We share this coaching philosophy for our work with executives.

At Clements United we treat each individual as a professional and have expectations that they will realize their potential.

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